Introduction: 3D Print a Sparkler Sword

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I recently watched a video by The Hacksmith where he 3D printed a gun to hold roman candles. A lot of fireworks are illegal in my state so I usually have to settle for sparklers, giving me the idea to make a sword hilt to hold them. Similar to the Hacksmith's design, one simply inserts the sparklers into holes on the piece and can take them out after use.

Warning: This instructable involves the use of fire, flammable materials, and other hazards. I am not responsible for any injuries or damages that may result from attempting this project. Build this at your own risk.

Step 1: Parts

What you'll need:

-5 Sparklers (can be modified to hold more or less)
-1 inch diameter pipe (again the design can be changed so you can use other sizes)
-3D printed part (can be found on


-Zip ties
-Hot glue gun

Step 2: Assembly (Part 1)

The bottom of the 3D printed part will allow you to securely fit the pipe inside. I added hot glue afterwards to ensure that it wouldn't slide off.

Step 3: Assembly (Part 2)

The holes on top are for the sparklers to fit in. I accidentally made the holes to big and had to hot glue the sparklers in place, so it would be preferable if you can make adjustments to the part. I then zip tied the sparklers together to keep them close and in more of a blade shape.

Step 4: Light It Up

Try to keep the tops of the sparklers close together to light them all at once. Once they run out, you can remove them and put in new ones.