Introduction: 3D Print

For the course Open Design we had to make a chess piece. This piece had to connect with yourself. First we made ​​a mind map about ourselves.

Step 1:

After the mindmap we had to take 5 words out of the mindmap which inspired us to work with.
My 5 words are:

After that we had to choose what sort of chesspiece we wanted to make.
I chose the pawn.

Step 2:

After that we had to design the chesspiece. We had to work in Sketch Up. Before I started designing I did some tutorials on Sketch Up. I wanted to make two hands who were holding a bag, because my words were collaborate and shopping. But I was unable to make it. So I had to think of a new idea. My other words were baking and cupcake, so I thought I can make a cupcake. 3 of my words are in this design. Baking, cupcakes and collaborate, because I like to bake together with other people.

Step 3:

After I made the design, it was time to print it. On the computer I saw that it took a long time to print it. But it was not. It took about half an hour. 

Step 4:

And this is the end result!

Step 5:

Here you see a photo of the previous assignment. We made a puzzle table. Each part of the table represented  one of us.