Introduction: 3D Printable Dog Tag

In this lesson you will learn how to create holes in your 3D models in Tinkercad. We'll be making a dog tag with its name and your phone number embedded in it, which can solve the problem of having no identification when your dog gets lost, so whoever finds it will know who to call. We'll learn:

  • How to use 'hole' shapes in Tinkercad
  • How to create custom text in Tinkercad

Before starting, it is assumed you already know:

  • How to create a new project in Tinkercad
  • How to create, move & resize shapes in Tinkercad


A computer with an internet connection.

Step 1: Create the Base of the Dog Tag

You can create your basic shape by dragging it onto your workplane. It needs to be flat, but other than that, anything will do. I recommend the MetaCapsule or a flattened cylinder. I'll use the Metacapsule.

Step 2: Create the Hole for the Collar

Now, we need a cylindrical hole. Drag the grey cylinder from the right bar onto the workplane. Resize it to be the correct size for a basic collar hole, and place it where you want the hole to be. Then, select the hole and the base shape while holding (SHIFT), then let go of (SHIFT) and press (CTRL + G). That will combine the base and the hole into the base with a hole in it.

Step 3: Create the Name

Now, you will create custom text by dragging the shape that says, 'Text' onto the workplane. It will automatically be selected, so in the shape settings that automatically appeared change the text to the dog's name, and make it into a hole instead of a shape. Then, move and resize it to fit on the tag, and select both and group them like in the previous step with (CTRL + G). You can optionally add contact info like you phone number if you want. You're done! Now you can export it and 3D print it, or don't. You can now use holes in Tinkercad, and you made the solution to a common problem. Good job!

Examples: (You can click and drag to see at different angles)