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Introduction: 3D Printable Men's Wallet and Women's Clutch

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Now you can print your own 3D Printable Wallets and Clutch from Ultimaker's YouMagine.com

6 Designs have been made free for download. You will be able to print these wallets on any 3D Printer that has at least 230mm by 190mm print bed.

You can download the free 3D Files here : Ultimaker Wallet and Ultimaker Clutch Bag

Step 1: 6 Different Designs

The 6 designs by XYZ Workshop include:
-Wave Wallet/Clutch
-Moire Wallet/Clutch
-Moire Squared Wallet/Clutch
-Stud Wallet/Clutch
- Chevron Wallet/Clutch
- Hexa Wallet/Clutch

In addition to this we have also included a blank template for both the men's and women's which will allow you to design your own custom wallets!

Step 2: Customising Your Wallets

You can create your own customised wallets using our blank templates as a base. Download the blank wallet or the blank clutch, and you will be able to modify.

Programs like tinkercad are an easy way to add some of your own personality into your 3D-Printed Wallets.

Create an account on Tinkercad.com (starting an account is free)
Download the blank wallet or clutch stl from youmagine.com
Start a new project and upload the blank template onto tinkercad.com
Ensure you set the import options at millimetres.
Once imported, you can add things like text or logos. You can download free files from sites like youmagine or thingiverse. (The batman logo was uploaded by thingiverse user TCorgard)

When an element in tinkercad is selected, under inspector window you can define if the element is a solid or a hole. Once you have customised your wallet , group all the elements together and select "download for 3D Printing". 

Stls are the prefered format for your 3D Printer.

Step 3: Printing Your 3D Wallet

These wallets and clutch bags were designed to make full use of the larger printing plate of the Ultimaker 2.

Unfortunately due to the size constraints, these wallets are not printable on an Ultimaker Original or the Markerbot Replicator.

Below are the recommendated settings for printing 
Filament- Flexible PLA. (White and Black Flexible Filaments are available from Ultimaker)
Temperature - 230°C
Infill - Minimum 50%
Speed- 10-15mm/s
Sliced at 1.5mm
Retraction - Off
Fan- Off

We recommend printing your wallet on a layer of masking tape over your bed. This prevents residues from sticking to the underside of your print, and makes it easier to remove the print without deforming your wallet/clutch.

Step 4: Folding Your 3d Wallet

Once you have printed your wallets/clutches, carefully remove from the print bed.

If after removal, the print is slightly deformed. Press the wallets/clutches under some heavy books.

You can also use an iron set to VERY low heat. Carefully iron the print under a t-shirt/cloth to protect the print. This will help flatten the prints. 

Follow the instructions below on how to fold your 3D Print. Glue the tabs using superglue.

You can also add abit of color by glueing some colored card or fabric to the rear of the wallets/clutch. 

Step 5: Enjoy Your 3D Printed Wallet!

Finally you have your very own 3D Printed Wallet.
We would love to see your wallets/clutch prints.

Please share your creations at www.facebook.com/xyzworkshop

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    1 year ago

    Where are the files? I cannot seem to locate them.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry bout the bad link. You can download the files from thus drop box site for now.



    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi, do you have a working link to download these designs?