3D Printable Robot Money Clip With Grip

Introduction: 3D Printable Robot Money Clip With Grip

Instructables has eaten into my evening once again!!  They put out this 3D Project Challenge in combination with 3dcreationsystems.com. So simple, all I have to do is design or modify a money clip in a 3D design tool!?!
So here I am later the same night and I thought I would share the results:

I've printed one creation (twice) using Sketchup and Shapeways.com, here's my instrucable on the 3D printed Secret Decoder Wheel
But for this challenge I checked out the Money Clip Instructable the Tinkercad Money Clip Tutorial and then I downloaded and started with the supplied 3D Money Clip design (in Tinkercad). I found Tinkercad to be a quite easy to use web based 3D design tool.

I made 3 basic changes to the supplied design:
  1. Added a "pointy'teeth-like" grip to help hold money and cards in place
  2. Added a "curved-out" section to make it easier to insert money and cards
  3. Added a Robot Design (a cutout section to save material and personalize the clip)..and of course for me, the design had to be a Robot! 
My Robot Money Clip Tinkercad design can be found here It's public so take it and build on it if you like.

I think it is worth pointing out that when this is printed in 3D it would be one consistent color, not the various colors shown in the design.

Here's the updated 3D design embedded from Tinkercad for your 360 viewing pleasure:

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