3D Printable Tube Planter

Introduction: 3D Printable Tube Planter

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This planter is designed for planting round soil blocks directly into the ground from a standing position. the only non 3D printed part that is needed is a spring to connect the handle and tube sections. The idea is that a round soil block would be dropped into the tube, rest in the cone, the cone would be pushed into the ground and the handle pulled to release the seedling into position as the tube is removed.

Step 1: Tube Sections

The tube is made of three sections, the top has a handle and semi sphere for the spring to catch onto. The mid section has male and female connectors and you can add or remove mid sections depending on your height. The bottom section had the static half cone the acts as a digging end to be inserted into the ground.

Step 2: Handle and Cone Section

The other half of the cone is the only part of the handle mechanism that is connected to the tube sections. It should be secured with a small metal hinge and some screws. The cone piece is connected to the handle by the angled handle section that uses the leverage of the long handle sections to open from the main tube. The top of the handle with the grip end has a semi sphere to connect the spring to the tube section, creating force to hold it closed. The angled handle section that connects to the cone piece is held in place with bolts and the handle extension sections can be held with bolts as well.

Step 3: Connecting the Tube to the Handle

The handle is a free moving part and only held in place by the spring at the top section and this coupler that will be attached to the bottom tube section. This will allow the handle to move without too much wiggle.

Step 4: CAD Files

Here are the different versions of the CAD files for this project. Feel free to modify and make it better if you feel like it.

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