Introduction: 3D Printable Water Bottle Mask Holder

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If you ever need to take your mask off during a sport or during school, and you don't just want to set it on a germy table, you need this. This mask holder fits around the top of regular Swell type bottles and will hold your mask whenever you need to take it off. It can also fit on disposable plastic water bottles or hockey water bottles, but it would be loose, and could fall off easily if tilted sideways. It will prevent your mask from getting dirty, which would otherwise defeat the purpose of wearing a mask.


3D printer


Step 1: 3D Printing the Mask Holder

This is a relatively easy print to succeed with, and only takes about 25 minutes to print. First, you need to slice the STL using at least 15% infill and 0.2 resolution. Then print it. Here is the STL:

I designed this fully on Tinkercad, so here is the link to the design on Tinkercad: Water bottle mask holder-Tinkercad

Step 2: Taking Off Strings

Once the print is done, depending on the quality of your printer, there may of may not be strings or a little extra plastic on the sides of the hook. If there is and stringing, you can usually just rip it off using your nails. If not, you can try using a file.

Step 3: Using It

To use it, all you have to do, is put both of the loops on the mask together and put them through the hook like in the picture. Done!

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