Introduction: 3D Printed 1911

First off, I'd like to thank Rio Benson for making the absolutely amazing drawings of the 1911 which can be found here.

DISCLAIMER: I will not be held responsible for any damage done with this model.

When I started this project, it was really just one of those things to see if it could be done. I did not use Rio's personal models; Instead I used his drawings and made my own. Internally, the gun doesn't function. The trigger doesn't even move. Externally, the model is completely accurate with the exception of the slide stop. The only moving parts are the safety lock, hammer, slide and barrel. I also had to change a few dimensions due to the 3D printer tolerance so if CNC'd; it may not work together as well. If you plan to 3D print it, then you will most likely have to use your own. I know that some companies that function like Shapeways are cracking down on the dangers of printing functioning firearms and may not allow you to print this file. If you do have the ability to print this, I Highly recommend using bright colors for the barrel or even the entire gun. While no laws in the US prohibit having this model on your persons, there are multiple instances of people (especially children) being shot by police for waving around fake realistic weapons. For those of you who think they cannot handle the responsibility or plan on giving this to someone who cannot handle it or just have no need for a complicated replica, I have supplied a slide without a moving barrel.

For reference, this was printed on a Dimension BST 1200es. I edited the dimensions specific for this type of modeling. No sanding is required on any of the pieces. I will be unable to complete the model the way I would like so the files I have completed are now available.

Step 1: Safer Slide

Other than the fact there is no barrel altogether for this piece, it is exactly the same.

Step 2: Grips

Insert the "grip pegs" into each grip.  I recommend pushing the grip against a hard surface instead of pushing the peg into the grip.  This helps alleviate and disperse the stress on the plastic.  To attach the grips to the frame push the frame onto the grips.

Step 3: Closed Slide

If using the closed slide option, assembly is as easy as sliding the slide on to the frame.

Step 4: Open Slide

For the open slide option; you should attach the barrel link before inserting the barrel into the slide.  Remember to use the "barrel link to barrel" piece [For this assembly step I used an earlier model to take pictures.  The barrel has been reinforced so it should no longer break in the barrel link area]  When inserting the barrel into the slide, the barrel will not go smoothly.  You will have to tap it in with a mallet.  [Don't fret though because the slide has been designed to take a lot of pressure in the front while the barrel has been thickened to prevent snapping.  I have taken multiple barrels in and out of one specific slide and have yet to break either one]   Attach the slide just like the closed version, except now you need to position the barrel link so it lines up with the hole on the frame.  Once they are aligned, press the frame onto the "barrel link to frame" peg.

On this particular piece, I made the grooves in the barrel and slide so this model could be used to help someone understand how they interact with each other.  Moving the slide forward will engage the lugs and prevent it from continuing off of the frame, same in reverse.  I personally did not know how this worked until I was half way done with the model 

Step 5: Hammer/Safety Lock

By now the assembly is quite self explanatory.  I recommend doing the hammer first but the holes allow any order.  I designed the safety lock to be a tight fit so it springs back up when pushed into the safe mode.  For this to work properly, you will need to insert it in the locked position. 

Step 6: Conclusion/Future Steps

That's it.  Don't do anything stupid with this.  

I currently have a .stl file of the magazine but its just a solid block and it has no real locking function.  Until i figure out what exactly I want to do with it I'm  going to keep it off.

Once I have the magazine figured out, I plan to make it so pulling back the slide will eject a plastic shell casing.  I already have some ideas of how to go about it but it's not really the top of my priority list. 

Stay tuned

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