3D Printed Air Fresher.

Introduction: 3D Printed Air Fresher.

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I have some baking soda lays around so I pull some on a small bowl and all the bad smell magically went away. Yeah !!! However, if you have been following all my projects, you know I wouldn't stop here.

The project is fairly simple, it makes up by total of 3 parts. The container, the case, the cover. So let's get Making!!!! By the way this is a perfect gift for the in law ( if they like cleaning).

This would be the first article that I record my designing process in Tinker Cad with a goal of sharing my knowledge, tricks and tips I pick up through the year, the video at the beginning of the article is just a "market testing". I want to see how many people will be interested in that before I start editing all my video. It is a giving season so I want people have something carry away when they stop by my page :D.

P.S: Also this will be my first weekend "live" channel! The idea behind it's: I will start the project around Friday night, work it through the weekend and update all the step. This way you can see how I will go from an idea to design, prototype, improve and finish with a complete ready product :). Let me know in the comment below anything I could improve on. Thank you for stopping by my station.

Step 1: Choose the Version You Want and Lets 3D Printing.

There will be two version of this project at the end. I like to have option :D.

So let me explain to you a little bit about the 3 designs.

  • The first design is kind of obvious. It a digital apple (due to it square shape). It will still do its job of keeping your refrigerator smelling amazing efficiently.
  • The second design is with out the top and you still have the double layer preventing back air flow.
  • The second design has propeller design on the top instead of the "apple cover". The idea behind this design is take advantage of the fan in every refrigerator. When these fan active if will spin the propeller and push down an airflow to the container increase the efficiency of the project.

I will explain more about the design later since I have to show you some sketches. You can find the .STL file here on Tinker Cad or in the end of this step.I am using: Printrbot 3D printer, Simple Metal

Printer set up :

  • Layer height (mm): 0.2
  • Shell thickness (mm): 0.8
  • Fill: 5%. (Tip: when fill too dense, the structure cool at more dynamic way causing warping!)
  • Diameter(mm): 1.75
  • Nozzle size (mm):0.75
  • Support on.

Step 2: Lets Talk About the Design. Learn From Mistake and Move On.

So the container slot design was a failure after tested with baking soda. As the picture show, the baking soda just spill out of the vent. My principle when I use 3D printing technology is always try to advantage during the designing process to archive the goal. In this case my theory was with a negative slope the baking soda won't spill and the air still can go through it. However, the vents are too large compare with the baking soda power, therefore the baking soda was able to fill up and spill. And that is why I always test print before publish the design.

Take note from that, I fixed on my original design while I print out part 2, there will be video on how to design on Tinker Cad check my sneak peak time-lap out . Event tho I could not use part 1 for my final step now because of the baking soda situation, however I still can use part 1 to see how it would fit with part 2 and make all the final adjustment for part 1 before print it again.

Also between the container and the case is empty space, this space is an effort to prevent the air flow pushing backward if the refrigerator fan is on.

Thank you very much for spending the time reading. Follow for more future Weekend project.

Step 3: Update Final Finish

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