Introduction: 3D Printed Bird Feeder Kit

Today I am going to be showing you how to make this 3D printable bird feeder kit.


Accesses to tinker-cad, a 3D printer a plastic container and a piece of rope or string

Step 1:

The first thing you will need to do is make a cylinder with an outer diameter of 35 mm and a height of 32 mm than take a cutting cylinder and give it a diameter of 31 and a height of ~35 mm center it on the x and y axis ,raise it 2 mm of the grid and group now you should have something that looks similar to the photo

Step 2:

now take a cutting cube and resize it to have a height of 26 mm a depth of 10 mm on the y axis and a width of 60 on the x axis. now raise the cutting cube 2 mm of the grid and center it with the cylinder on the y axis it should look like the image above, if it does group the two objects.

Step 3:

now to create a screw that will connect the 2 bird feeding perches.

first we need to find what size of a screw we need to do this take the diameter of your container than take away 62 mm from that measurement for me this ends up being 35 mm than you add 5 mm to that to get your number. in my case this is 40 mm

Now take a metric ISO thread found in shape generators, play around with the screw until you get your desired height ( for me 40 mm) with a thickness between 14 mm and 29 mm now clone that screw and the cylinder turn one of the screws into a cutting piece and keep the other solid. centre the cutting screw with one of the cylinders on the x and y axis now group. now take the solid screw and the other cylinder and center them on the x and y axis than raise the cylinder as shown in the second photo than group the two objects.

For the next steeps do the same thing for both cylinders

Step 4:

now make a new cylinder with a height of 2 mm and a diameter of 52 mm. Then take a cutting cylinder with a diameter of 31 mm and align it on the x and y axis with the other cylinder you just made.

Step 5:

now for this steep it does not have to be that precise, first duplicate the ring that you just made than with a cutting cube take off all of the ring that has a center hole you should be left with a little wedge like in the photo.

Step 6:

now combine the chip and the ring to create a shape similar to the picture

Step 7:

now take a shape called Paraboloid and lay it on is side than take a cutting cube and make it 30 mm on both the x and the y axis and 9 mm tall. now center both the cutting cube and the paraboloid one you have done that duplicate the cutting cube and raise it by 11 mm now if what you have created looks like what is shown in the picture than group the two cutting squares and the paraboloid

Step 8:

Next make the paraboloid 42 mm on the x axis and 33 mm on the y axis making sure that it is still 2 mm tall than align it with the ring by centering them on the y axis and moving the paraboloid so that the top corners just clip into the ring.

Step 9:

Now to make the bird perch. take yet another cylinder give a diameter of 5 mm and a height of 35 mm now duplicate that a rotate it by 90 and raise it to the top of the cylinder you just duplicated now make the top bar 48 mm if what you have looks like the picture than group the two objects.

Step 10:

now you should have 3 objects the hollow cylinder the ring and paraboloid and the bird perch. First take the the ring and paraboloid and the bird perch and align it on the x axis than move the perch so that it is about 7 mm up from the bottom part of the ring piece ( The paraboloid ) and than group the two shapesnow align the bird perch and the ring so that you get something that looks like the photo.

Step 11:

To assemble the bird feeder cut two 35 mm opposing wholes in your container at a low point. Now screw together the two bird feeder perches going through the whole cut in you container. Next poke out two opposing wholes at the top of you container big enough for your string to fit through. Now feed your string through the two top hole and than tie them in a secure knot it should look something like the picture.

now go and enjoy watching some birds