Introduction: 3D Printed Carousel

This is a 3D CAD model of a ornament that can be 3D printed.

Step 1: Create the Horse for Carousel

Using a 3D modeling software, create a model of the type of characters you want in your carousel. I made a horse but you can use a different type of animal.

Step 2: Make the Inner Base of Your Carousel

Create inner part of your carousel. You can add details like stars to this part of your model. Make sure the center pole is smaller than the center pole of the outer base.

Step 3: Create the Outer Base of Your Carousel

This outer base will rotate around the inner base you created before. In order for the rotating mechanism to work make sure to make the center pole of your outer base slightly larger than the inner base center pole.

Step 4: Create the Star Pole

To give your ornament holiday spirit ad poles with stars!

Step 5: Combine the Horses and Stars to the Outer Base

Combine the horse and stars to the outer base. Make sure to combine all the different parts so they are one solid object with no naked, or open edges.

3D Printed Ornament Design Challenge

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