Introduction: 3D Printed Christmas Ornaments

How to make a 3D prinatable ornament for Christmas trees.

Step 1: How to Make a 3D Printed Orb Ornament:

Start you project

Start with Inventor open with a new part

Choose a plain to work on from the 2D options.

Move the lines to your preference

Step 2: 2) Decide What Side You Want Your Ornament to Be

For a 6-7ft tree the ornaments should be about 2” in diameter and 3 ¼” in height

Step 3: 3) Choose Your Design

Classic Bulb



Step 4: Bulb

Classic Bulb

Begin with a curved line, using the Arch tool, from the origin out to half of the diameter (1”). Pull the arch down 1” from the line the two points were formed on. Create a line, using the Line tool, from the end point on the arch going up at 90 degrees for 2”. From the origin make another arch going from the origin, or start of first arch, to the top of the 2” line. From there make the arch go out 1.15”. The measurement should show from the center of the possible circle. After that make a line 1.85” up the first straight line, have the line go out until it meets the arch that is 1.15” out. Using the cutting tool remove the smaller portion of arch separated with the line. And create another arch from the newest line to the 1.15” arch matching the arch pattern that comes up. Dimension, using the dimension tool, the line coming from the arch to the other line to be .25”. then from where the arch meets that line make a small square that is .25” high, then delete all lines that are on the inside of the shape. Finish sketch and revolve around the first straight line that was made. Then use the hole tool and make a hole in the top going .75” deep, the use the shell tool and click on the inside of the hole. Then save, you have a hollow Christmas Bulb ornament.

(sorry, I forgot to get photos while i was making it)

Step 5: Star


Using the pentagon tool, open a five point pentagon that is 5” across and 5” long. Then from the center make a circle 2”in diameter. Then connect the lines from the center to the circle, the straight lines of the pentagon. Then draw lines from the points to the center of the lines you just created. Then delete all the lines that are on the outside and inside of the lines you just connected to the points. Extrude .5” and fillet all the corners and edges by .15”.

Step 6: 6) End

Make sure you save multiple times, inventor is a large software and it can crash.