Introduction: 3D Printed Cow Bookmark/Booklight

This is a completely 3D printable project (except for the LED's and electrical). I designed the parts on Autodesk Inventor, and printed them on a Makerbot 2.

This project was created because I wanted a book light that could double as a bookmark, and I figured it could be easily 3D printed.

Step 1: Materials

3D printer (I used a Makerbot 2)

2 white 3mm LED's

Wire (long enough to connect the lights to the battery)


Resistor(10K Ohms)

Switch(I used a dynamite switch, but that was just unnecessary)

Step 2: Download and Print the Parts!

All the parts can fit onto one Makerbot 2 plate.

The file is attached, on standard settings, the print should only take about 4.5 hours or so.

Step 3: Connect the Pieces

The joint pieces may be a little hard to fit together, but do not be discouraged they do work.

Step 4: Electrical

I suggest you connect, solder and heat shrink all the connections before you try to fit them through the tube.

The holes can be a little tight, but if you use thin enough wire you will be able to fit them through.

As you can see there are two holes on the bottom piece that you may fit wires through to reach the switch, resistor and battery.

Step 5: Read!

I hope this customized book light will allow you to read in areas with insufficient light!