Introduction: 3D Printed Customizable Jack O'Lantern W/ Tinkercad

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Looking for a fun print to add to your Halloween decor? Want to try your hand at some simple modeling? I got you covered. This tutorial will show you how to customize a 3D model in Tinkercad so you can have your very own face on Jack O'Lantern.

You can also watch this video which covers them same content.

Step 1: Get Your Parts

This you will need:

- 3V Coin Battery


- Access to a 3D printer with filament of you choice.

I went with a autoflashing RBG LED and some white ABS but it is up to you.

Step 2: Edit Your Pumpkin

The tinkercad file is available here:

1. Click 'Copy and Tinker' to save your own editable copy of the file.

You file should have 4 parts:

I. A body with a face still in it

II. A body without a LED holder in the bottom

III. A body with a LED holder in the bottom

IV. A lid

2. Draw out you desired pumpkin face in Tinkercad block on the flat plane. Group all the shapes together and covert them to a whole

3. Rotate them perpendicular to pumpkin and intersect it with the pumpkin body's front face. Group the face and the body together to cut out your face.

Congrats you have created your model!

Step 3: Slice and Print

Select your edited body and the lid and export them as a STL from Tinkercad. Import them into your favorite slicer to add support to the lid, and the body's face if necessary. Print in your favorite filament (it doesn't have to be orange!).

Step 4: Assemble Your Pumpkin

Take the LED and slide it on your battery to the long lead of the LED is touching the postive side of the battery.

Place into the holder to the sides are pinching the LED to the battery. Place the lid on top.

Step 5: Enjoy!

You did it!

I used a multi color LED with white filiment to get this cool effect.

If you want to just print my model you can find it here:

If you make one, tweet it to me @makeandfake

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