Introduction: 3D Printed DSLR Slider! Cheaper Than 20$

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Let's create something useful for videomaker and timelapse maker

Step 1: 3D Printed DSLR Slider! Cheaper Than 20$

This is a tutorial on how to build a 3D printed dslr SLIDER!

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Sorry for my English, probably I'll make some mistake so please tell me where I'm wrong in the comments :)

What do you need?

• 3D printer (I have a prusa i3)
• PC (LOL)
• bunch of bolt and nuts (3mm and 6mm)
• 2x 20mm diameter aluminium rods (the length is up to you) ( mine is 1m long)
• 4x 20mm linear bearings
• 1x LEGITIM ikea chopping board (
• 2 tripods

  • don't forget some free time and passion

Step 2: Download the Stl Files

Download the 3 main stl to print!

I use Simplify3D to print, you can use whatever software you want, i'm not affiliated with any company.

These files are essential to make our slider, so print it slow and well, it's essential the strength.

Download it from thingiverse :

Step 3: Yeah! PRINTING TIME!

Just print that parts!

2 x side.stl

4x manopolina.stl

8x portacuscinetti2.stl



Assemble the side parts to tighten the rods

and the bearing holder to the plate

Cut the chopping board top at the right dimensions and once made the holes attach it to the bearings

The bearing holder are made for 3mm bolts and fits perfectly its nuts

the side are made for M5 bolts!

Step 5: Add a DSLR Head!

I bought a cheap dslr head from amazon and it added and extra cost of 30$

Cut the board at the right dimension ( the rod holes is circa 8cm distance)

Just make a hole in the chopping board and tighten the nuts!

Step 6: Focus on FEATURING

In pictures:

  • Bearings HOLDER V1.0 vs V2.0
  • Multi holes side with threaded tripod hole (1/4") .

Step 7: Thats Done!

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Note that that in the picture was V1.0 with only 2 bearings.

this is V2.0 with 4 bearings and better supports!

for further details follow my page:

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Step 9: Here It Is! Done!

I've just finished my slider!

Enjoy with yours

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