Introduction: 3D Printed Desktop Skeleton

Halloween is our favorite holiday and we love decorating but we don't always have time to go shopping for decorations, and when we do we have found that there are no good desktop options. In our mind what makes a good decoration is it being:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Unobtrusive
  • Easy to assemble

After serval tries we managed to create the perfect halloween decoration for your desk; that is made easily with a 3D-Printer. In this Instructable we will tech you how to build this original 3D-Printed skeleton.

We designed it on Autodesk Fusion360 and printed it on a Prusa MK3


- 3D Printer and Filament

- Computer with 3D Printing Software

- Picture Frame Cord or Invisible Cord (any will do, we used Hillman Invisible Cord)

- (if using stiff cord) Heat Source

- Scissors

- 2 LED lights (optional)

-2 Button Cell Batteries (Optional)

- Hot Glue Gun (Optional, but recommended)

Step 1: 3D Printing Parts

Utilizing a 3D printer (many public libraries now have them available for use), print the attached stl files. Take careful note when printing the ribs, keeping them in the order they are within the file, to make assembling the rib cage easier. This is the longest step, and duration varies depending on your 3D printer. We printed the files on a "detailed" setting for best appearance; but the more detailed the setting, the longer the print time.

The following parts should be printed with supports on the print bed:

  • Spine and Pelvis
  • Skull
  • Arms (x2)
  • Legs (x2)

The following parts require supports everywhere:

  • Ribs (1-7)

The following parts do not require supports:

  • Hands (x2)
  • Feet

Step 2: Snap Assembly

Most parts have holes for cord to go through, but the ribs snap into the spine. Going in order from top to bottom, snap the peg on the rib into the corresponding hole on the spine (rib 1 to hole 1). The pieces should fit snuggly.

If desired, for added security put a dot of hot glue in the hole before snapping ribs in

Step 3: Cord Assembly

Using scissors or a wire cutter cut several pieces of cord that fit your pieces with about 1 inch of excess. With your heat source, melt one end of the cord until the end becomes larger than the holes and fit all your pieces on it in the order listed below, cut excess and melt the other end when finished; so that the pieces do not fall off. Repeat this process for all pieces.

Torso Cord: Head, Torso

Arms: Arm, Torso

Legs: Leg, Torso

Step 4: (Optional) LED Lights

If you would like LED's in the eye sockets, follow this step; otherwise skip this step. Cut the wires of LEDs to fit to the depth of the eye socket, then proceed to put battery in between both of the LED wires until LED lights up Note: if not lighting up try turning battery so the longer wire is on the opposite side. While the LED is lit put hot glue over both sides so that the wires stay in place and let dry. Lastly put hot glue on the bottom of the battery and stick it in the eye socket making sure the LED is centered.

Note: LEDs battery will last for about a week so plan accordingly

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