Introduction: 3D Printed Dice. Standard and Load. I Made Them at TechShop.

      To have fun making standard and loaded dice using Autodesk Inventor and Makerbot 3D Printer.

      * Creete a 1" cube.
      * Use fillet on all corners.
      * Create a quarter circumferential arc.  Revolve this by 360 to create a single dot.
      * Copy and paste the arc to each of the six sides.
      * On each side, copy and paste and arrange to form one to six dot arrangement.
      * 3D Print the dice.
      * To make loaded dice, create a cavity inside dice. 
      * Put the cavity very close to the number you want to appear most of the time.
      * In my case, I made a rectangular on center plane.  Then I extrude it on both side.
      * I made cavity close to SIX and ONE. 

Short Cut:
      To ship all above step, you could search GrabCAD and use pre-existing CAD.  Then import to AutoCAD Inventor or Fusion.
If you want to be a loaded dice.  Add a cavity inside the dice. 
      I found a GrabCAD project making dice.  Here's the link:
It does include the stl.  So it is ready to print. 

Statistical Verification:
       One way to verify the effect of the loaded dice is to throw the standard dice and the loaded dice 100 times.
list the combination and check if the loaded is less random than the standard dice.

        When rolling the loaded dice, I observed that they roll differently.  They ten to have sudden jump.   It could be just my imagination.   Try it yourself.