Introduction: 3D Printed Dome on Onshape

all you need is a computer and a mouse

Step 1: Make a Circle

Click the plane labeled top and then click the sketch button. Click the circle and draw a circle on the plain.

Step 2: Extrude the Edge

Select the edge of the circle and hit the extrude button to extrude.

*Don’t extrude the whole circle, just the edge

Step 3: Add a Point

Hit the sketch button and select the right plain. Select point and add one directly above the center of the circle.

Step 4: Make the Point Better

Select this icon to put the point in the right place

Step 5: Add an Arc

Make another sketch on the right plane and select three point arc

Step 6: Three Point Arc

Make the points of your arc line up with the one you added, the middle of the circle, and the edge of the circle

Step 7: Add an Axis

make a line connecting the canter of the circle and the point in the center of the arc

Step 8: Revolve It

select the arc and then hit the revolve button to revoke it

Step 9: Thicken

Select the whole dome and hit the thicken button to thicken it