Introduction: 3D Printed Folding Space Drone

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I just want to build a new kind of quad copter, and it's end up just like space ship... and because it's a drone, so it's a space drone... :)

This video will concentrate at the frame assembling only, even though i put some component in the sequence, all the component it's really depend on the Flight Board or Flight Controller u will use...

Step 1: Frame Part...

See assemble video above...

Some part that u need is (for Frame only):

  • Voltus/Fatboy 3D parted part,u can download it from
  • 16mm OD x 16cm Carbon Tube (lenght of the tube can be up to you)
  • 4 x M3 40mm Bolt (for arm axle)
  • 5 x M3 25mm Bolt & Nut (for leg and tail battery)
  • 16 x M3 25mm Bolt & Nut (for motor holder)
  • 22 x 2mm diameter, 10mm long screw (for top plate, bottom plate, CF hinge lock, top cover)
  • some hot glue & some extra screw, nut and bolt will be better

Step 2: A Little Bit About Electronic Part...

And for the electronic part is not must but at least have this:

  • Flight Board or u can use APM other newer FC like NAZA for better quality
  • if u use to APM FC u need power module and additional part like Minim Micro OSD, 3DR Telemetry Module, M8N GPS, LED & Buzzer driver, Motor LED
  • If u want to FPV or Arial Camera u need 3D gimbal, 600wm at least VTX, 4K action cam or else
  • Power Distribution Board (include UBEX 5v and 12v is recomended), 30A OPTO ESC, 2212 brushless motor, 1145 prop, 4S Lipo Battery (4200mAh is better)
  • Silicone AWG for better cabling
  • Remote Control and Receiver

Step 3: Test Flight and Box??

I try to make it fordable and can fit in my tools box...