Introduction: 3D Printed Gnome

This instructable will teach you how to 3D print a gnome. It is helpful to be familiar with tinkercad, thingiverse, cura, and how to work a 3D printer.

Step 1: Go to

Go to search thingiverse search and type in whatever thing you would like to print. If you are looking to 3D print a gnome, pick the one that speaks to you. Once you have selected your gnome, scroll down to thing files, click the stl and it will download to your computer

Step 2: Open

Once you have either logged in or created an account, click create new design. Click import. Choose a file. Select the gnome stl. And the file should import. Make sure the bottom of your gnome is flat so that when it prints it will have a solid and flat base. You can edit the gnome to create a flat base if necessary. Now, export the stl file to a flashdrive.

Step 3: Open Ultimaker Cura 4.0.0

Insert your gnome file. If it is too big, make it smaller. Now, press the button that says slice. Hit "save to removable..." Eject your flashdrive. *MAKE SURE YOUR FLASHDRIVE HAS A REMOVABLE MEMORY CARD*

Step 4: Go to 3D Printer

Remove memory card from the flashdrive and insert it into the 3D printer. Proceed to do regular steps required for opening the document on the printer, and preheating it. Place down tape and glue on the printer surface. One the printer heats up then it will being printing. My gnome took about 2 hours to fully print.