Introduction: 3D Printed GoPro Tripod

If you've ever wanted a tripod for your GoPro camera or need pieces to fix it, these steps will get you through the rough process quicker.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For this 3D printed Tripod you will need:

1. A 3D design computer software such as autodesk inventor

2. Access to a 3D printer

3. 3D printer filament

4. A SD card

Step 2: Designing

You need to design your pieces

1. Make the pieces fit together with a ball and joint

2. Make sure the ball is .15 mm smaller than the hole size

3. When design the pieces keep in mind how tall you want it to be

Step 3: Downloading

You have to turn your files into a g-code for printing

1. Use a program such as Cura to convert the file

2. Make sure the settings of the file are correct for printing

3. Download your g-code to a SD card

4. Place your SD card into the 3D printer

Step 4: Printing

Now that your file is a g-code, your ready to PRINT!!!

1. Look at the screen of the printer to make sure the settings are correct

2. Start and watch the beginning of the printing to make sure its correct.

3. Once the printing is complete, let it cool for about 15 minutes

4. Now that you've let it cool off, you can take your design off

Step 5: Building

Now that the pieces are printed and complete you can begin to build the tripod

1. Pop the ball and joint pieces together and makes sure each of your legs have even amount of pieces

2. When you have the legs together connect them with the connection piece

3. Look over your tripod to make sure its all even

4. Place the adhesive pad on the top for the camera to stay

5. Its all done and ready for use