Introduction: 3D Printed Halloween Ghost Ignited With LEDs

This cute 3D Printed Ghost is perfect for your Halloween party or library program! Use this Instructable as a guide for your MAKER program.

Step 1: 3D Print the Ghost

Here’s the file for the Ghost – (not my design)

I printed ½ scale on a Printrbot Simple that I built by myself.

Step 2: 3D Print the LED Adapter

This is my own design, here's the file:

Step 3: Prep Your LED

Test your LED by placing one leg on either side of the coin cell battery. You might notice that the LED works when oriented one way on the battery but not the other. When lit, mark the leg that is touching the positive side of the battery, to help you identify the positive and negative side of the LED.

Step 4: Insert the LED

Insert the LED and cell battery into the 3D Printed LED adapted.

Step 5: Cell Battery

This is how it looks, once you inserted the cell battery into the LED adapter.

Step 6: All the Pieces

You have all your pieces here, put them together.

This is an excellent activity for your Halloween party.

DIY or get a kit from

Happy Halloween!