Introduction: 3D Printed Halloween Tree Stump LED Candle Holder

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Just in time for Halloween, I made this 3D-printed Halloween tree stump LED candle holder. Designed to be easy to print, and it creates a unique Halloween decoration, that is not quite like the traditional Jack-O-Lanterns.

The tree stump perfectly fits an LED candle, which gives out a small, however spooky, light.


- A 3D Printer with at minimum a 10x10x10cm printable area

- A spool of wood colored PLA filament

- An LED candle

Step 1: 3D Printing

The Tree Stump was originally designed as a pen holder, by Thingiverse user Daniel Stein (here), but I then remixed it and added space for the LED candle and added the Halloween themed carved out face.

Step 2: Designing

I first remixed the pen holder in Autodesk® Tinkercad®, to add a bigger hole that would fit the LED candle. Thereafter I designed the Halloween Pumpkin face in Autodesk® Fusion 360®, and after importing that model to Autodesk® Tinkercad® I could retract the face from the tree stump.

You can get the stl files from the link below or from Thingiverse here.

Step 3: Printing

The part is printed with wood colored filament, with NO support. Though you will need to do a small manual clean-up, where the overhang is, afterwards (See images).

I printed mine with 25% infill.

Step 4: Assembly

Now just turn on the LED candle, and place it inside the stump, and you are finished!

Step 5: The Result and Final Notes

That's it! Now you have a great looking halloween decoration, to add to the ever growing collection.

I hope you like this design, and if you do, I would very much appreciate it if you wised me best of luck in the Halloween-contest on Instructables. Also feel free to follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@Anders644PI) to keep you updated with what I make.

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