Introduction: 3D Printed JET TURBINE V2

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Version 2 of My Previous 3D Printed Jet Turbine Project!


Materials Required

these are the things that we need for our built

3D Printed parts-

  • Nozzle
  • Compressor
  • Motor Holder
  • Turbine
  • Bush

Normal parts-

  • BLDC Motor
  • ESC
  • Arduino Nano
  • NRF24
  • Custom PCBs
  • POT

Step 1: Assembly

watch the video for basic assembly

Step 2: Electronics Hookup

now we just need to hook the receiver setup with our JET set up according to the above schematic...

Step 3: CODE

Upload the Transmitter code to Transmitter PCB and Reciever Code to Reciever's PCB. if you don't have this setup, just hook a Potentiometer with Arduino and upload the knob sketch to control the speed of BLDC MOTOR!


Step 4: TEST RUN

and as you can see, our setup is working...

it's loud and great. Leave a comment if you guys run into any problem!