Introduction: 3D Printed Japanese Lamp With Animated Lighting

I have created a 3d printed Japanese style decor lamp with Arduino controlled addressable RGB led strip. I hope you enjoy it, try to make your own and improve my project with your contributions.


  • WS2812B led strip (
  • Arduino ( I preferred Nano because of the size)
  • USB A Female Connector
  • Cable
  • Watercolor paper 160gr

Step 1: Circuit

There are many ways for lighting, even a regular bulb. I used WS2812 because they are both powered with 5V USB, and they can be used for animated lighting.

Cut your led strip (WS2812) to create a square and make the connection as shown in the circuit diagram above.

The square size (outer) should be at most 8.1 cm to fit in the base. Cut & connect your led strip accordingly.

The circuit design is also on tinkercad :

Step 2: Upload the Code

There are many examples of programming Arduino to drive WS2812. I used hsiboy's code ( and chose animation #9.

ino file is also attached to this tutorial.

You may change the animation speed by playing with animateSpeed value.

Step 3: Print & Build

You will find stl files on this page or on Thingiverse ( Just download and print them. You will need 4 copies of item #4 for each side.

I have added 0.2mm base layers to prevent warping on print. If you have the same issue or you want to update something in my design you may clone my Tinkercad design on

The parts are numbered (1..6) from the bottom to the top. The parts are designed so that you do not need to add support except for the first one (#1).

Glue the paper inside the side and top walls. I prefer watercolor paper because it's textured structure looks better.

Part #3 is for led strip and Arduino. You may glue it to #2, but I suggest screwing it down for further maintenance.

You can combine all the other parts with glue.