3D Printed Key Hook Tardis Light Switch - Dr Who




Introduction: 3D Printed Key Hook Tardis Light Switch - Dr Who

With a love for creating useful things (and a love of doctor who) I decided to add key hooks to a standard light switch.. with a little DR Who flair.

Step 1: Measure and Design Your Light Switch

Now light switches are a standard size.. but what size is it you ask? good question..

I busted out the digital calipers to determine the size of my Tardis switch.. The switch it self is about 70mmx114mm
Once i knew this i stated my model. The model it self is fairly simple with a bunch of boxes pulled out of the original structure I started with a square box and started extruding out features to design the Tardis..

Step 2: Print Your Masterpice

Once yo have your design done (or have downloaded mine) Its time to start printing. My printer is a Tevo Tarantual and i printed the key hook switch plate at 0.2mm layer height, 220 degrees and a speed for 50mm/s

Step 3: Install

Once your print is complete.. remove your old wall switch and enjoy your new multi function light switch plate and key holder! this is a very usefull add on to small spaces and doctor who fans alike! If you want to get real fancy you can always print it in blue or painting to match the Tardis!

My STL is attached if you simply with to download and print :)


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5 years ago

very nicely done! cool to see some whovian flair to ones decor