3D Printed Koch Snowflake Ornament

Introduction: 3D Printed Koch Snowflake Ornament

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For the three-d ornament contest, I made a Koch snowflake because it's for Christmas. If you don't know what a Koch snowflake is I found a great video explaining it.They're pretty cool looking and I recommend taking a look at the video.Basically it's a snowflake made of equilateral triangles. Of course this is three-d printing, so why make a two-d ornament? Instead I converted the Koch snowflake idea to the world of three dimensions(this one). I found a cool picture of a three dimensional Koch snowflake(pic 3) along with a 2D one(pic 2). The rest of my pictures are my process in making it(very exciting). Mine has four levels of triangles and is around 2 inches. This being my first time ever making something with 3D printing, I probably didn't do a great job, so tell me in the comments what I should have done. The whole project took me a couple of business days(I have school and homework) and helped me learn the basics of three-d printing.


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    5 years ago

    Have you printed this? If so, do you have a picture of the physical object?