Introduction: 3D Printed LED Luminous Factory

This creation was initially inspired by La Fabrique DIY's wooden version of a luminous factory. However, I had no wooden tools nor machinery so instead, I opted for a 3D printed version. I heavily modified and customized the base (to fit my electronic components, and my father's name on the front of the factory (as this was a gift for Father's Day). Besides the electronic components, the whole model was 3D printed with Tinkerine's Ditto Pro 3D printer.

Step 1: Files & Supplies

I designed the entire model on SketchUp, a free, "easy to learn and incredibly fun to use" 3D modelling software. Here is the link for download:

Other than the requirement of a 3D printer and filament, all the electrical components are listed below.

Electronic Components:

  • Mini toggle switch
  • LED (3V)
  • Battery Holder (AAx2)
  • Breadboard Jumper Wires (M/F)
  • Breadboard Jumper Wires (F/F)

3D Files:

As for the 3D files, I attached a .stl and a .skp file for the base and a .skp file for the factory. For the factory .skp file, I erased the Chinese name, leaving the design blank for your own customization.

You can personalize your name or whatever you want by using SketchUp by going to Tools > 3D Text. After you're happy with your design, all you have to do is export your file to a .stl file and use a 3D slicing software that suits your 3D printer. Finally, send it to your 3D Printer and start printing!

Step 2: Circuits

As for the circuit, it is self-explanatory. Connect each jumper wire or ordinary electrical wire accordingly as shown in the picture. Once connected, flick the switch and the light should glow. Thats it!

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