Introduction: 3D Printed Lacrosse Head

To complete this project you must have prior knowledge on how to 3D model.

Step 1: 3D Modeling

So this is completely up to you on what you want to use to 3D module it. I would use what best fits for you and how much experience you have. If you are more advanced in 3D modeling you can use a more complex software, but basic software can work for this.

Step 2: Making the Model

The modeling of the head can be completely up to you. How I did it was I measured the width of the throat of a common lacrosse head and measured the top of it as well, and I scaled it down. You can make the head to fit your needs and how you want it. The 3D printer I used wasn't able to make a full size lacrosse head so I had to scale everything down.

Step 3: Transfer STL to MakerBot

This is a fairly easy process. I used a MakerBot printer so I can only teach how to print from those printers. First you must google MakerBot and download the software. After that you will want to transfer your model to a STL. After that is done and the MakerBot software is downloaded create an account for MakerBot. After you have created an account and logged in you should be able to select start new project and download the STL.

Step 4: Printing

When the STL is in the MakerBot software you can play with it to scale it to fit the size of your printer. I suggest printing the head so it is facing up because the back is flatter and it will be much easier to print that way. After all of the scaling and precise printing decisions are made you can get a STL card and download the file to the card. After that you bring the card to the printer and put it into the printer and select your file and start printing. Depending on the size of your lacrosse head it should take a couple hours to print.

Step 5: Stringing and Stringing Holes

So to put the stringing holes in the head after it is printed I just drilled a few holes into the top and glued the sidewalls. My head wasn't actual size so it wasn't able to drill sidewall