3D Printed Light Switch Guard

Introduction: 3D Printed Light Switch Guard

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The goal of this ible is to show you how to make a 3D printed light switch guard so that you can't accidentally flip a switch. This is useful in home automation scenarios with smart bulbs, retrofitted circuits (I had a light switch for my garage that now powers my garage door opener), and more.

These should cost you about 10c each instead of the outrageous 8$ local suppliers ask (or 1$ + 8 weeks of waiting for it to arrive from overseas).

Step 1: Materials

You can probably use a 3D printer from your local library if you don't have one. As for filament, since making my guards (which look a bit dirty around the bend because I had freshly switch from black PLA to white PLA), I have since discovered PETG white fillament which is slightly closer in look to the white glossy finish of industrially moulded pieces.

Lastly, you can use the files with the design I made. The STL file is ready to use for printing, and I included my SKP file if you want to edit it in sketchup.

Step 2: Print and Clean

Print it in the orientation it is in now, using added supports. Whenever I make screw holes in my models, I always clean them up after the print by using a drill bit of the size needed, but spinning in reverse, this means that the heat just smooths out the hole, preventing snags and tears.

Step 3: Use It

The cut-out corners mean that you can still flip the switch if you need to, but there will be no more accidental knocking of the switch.

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