Introduction: 3D Printed Medical Face Shield Strap

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This is a 3D-printable strap for the Prusa designed medical face shield. The project also includes a plastic sheet cutting template that's broken up into pieces that can be 3D printed and assembled to serve as a template for hand-cutting sheet material.

I've been printing the Prusa medical face shield frames since a local maker space got approval from a hospital for their use. There are a lot of viable designs out there, but I'm sticking with this one because I know it's approved locally by a major hospital network.

I wanted to be able to produce everything myself in my garage, and the strap seemed like the bottleneck (all the fabric stores are closed and I'm not good with fabric anyway). So I designed this strap to be printed with some flexible filament (I used TPU), cut in half to fit on the printer bed, and joined with zip ties.


Step 1: Files and Instructions

I've attached the Fusion 360 archive file here, the STL for the strap (laid out to fit my printer bed, Prusa i3 MK3).

If you're interested in helping out and don't have a place to send the shields, contact Maker Nexus in Sunnyvale, CA and see if you can send them there. This link is the Wiki for the project, it includes instructions for safe handling (pretend you have coronavirus):

Maker nerds, ASSEMBLE!!!

Step 2: Update: Surgeon's Loupe

A local doctor asked me to alter the design so it could fit with a surgeon's loupe on (magnifying glasses). Here's the updated design for that-