Introduction: 3D Printed Minecraft Pumpkin Figure (Made in Fusion 360)

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It is my first project to make Minecraft things. With the Pumpkin challenge, I combine Minecraft figure with pumpkin. Moreover, it is very fun to make it in Fusion 360. Fusion 360 is a powerful CAD software so far for me.

You can download for free, just visit my website. (you can choose Cults3d, Thingiverse)

Step 1: Pixel Art

Make a pixel art of your pumpkin face. You can make it in two ways. First, you can make it in Google Sheet. For more instruction, click Google Pixel Art tutorial.

If you are lazy to make it by yourself, I share my drawing and you can download mine.

Step 2: Insert Image to Fusion 360

To make this pumpkin, I need to make 3D model first. To accomplish that, I use Fusion 360. Using Fusion 360, it is easier to use than Tinkercad because it is more precise. To begin with, open Fusion 360 software and do not forget to save your file. Insert your image by clicking "Insert Canvas" and then click ok.

Step 3: Sketching

Start sketching your image by clicking "Create Sketch". Choose line and trace the line one by one as shown in the image. After you finish, click finish sketch.

Step 4: Extruding the Face

Hide the canvas image, so you can see your sketch clearly. Because you want to make a Minecraft, so the surface skin is not flat. To do this, you must extrude the grid one by one by clicking extrude and choose the grid that you want to elevate. It is up to you to choose the grid as you like or you can do as I did below. Just remember to keep eyes and mouth into holes. Choose the operation "New Body" and click ok.

Step 5: Extruding the Other Sides of the Head

Move the face to the other side. Now you can use your previous sketch to make other sides for the head. You should need 5 sides for this. To make it simpler, I used the same style for four sides. Repeat previous step. Only change the style of the surface skin. You can make it as you desire. For the bottom of the head, I only use flat surface.

Step 6: Wall Inside the Head

Make walls attached to each side of head. To make this, make a sketch of rectangle and extrude it. When extruding, you will need as thin as you can for the wall.

Step 7: Body and Legs

Next step, you will add body and legs to the pumpkin figure. Make sketch and extrude it. Add some grids to make different skin to the figure.

Step 8: Finish Modeling

Here is the finish modeling. To make it prettier, render it in Fusion 360.

Step 9: Printing

Save your model to STL file. You can print all at once, but you need some support when printing. I am not comfortable working with support. It is very annoying and sometimes made our printing distorted. To overcome this, I prefer to print it one by one and assemble them later. For printing, I used 0.2 mm of layer height, no support, with raft and 20% infill. Total printing hour is about 4 hours to print all of it.

Step 10: Assemble

Remove unwanted prints in your printing. Assemble all parts by using super glue.

Step 11: Put LEDs

Add some LEDs by using the glow circuit that is provided in Tinkercad. I made some changes to the glow circuit, so it is slimmer than the original one. Input the coin cell batteries and LED to the glow circuit. Just remember, cut a little bit the LED length, but keep the positive side longer than negative one. Put the glow circuit inside the head of the pumpkin figure. Secure it by using painter's tape. I used 3 LEDs for this project. I attach to the eyes and mouth.

Step 12: Final Result

Here is my final result of the Minecraft pumpkin figure. By using painter's tape or double tape, you can put this figure anywhere you like, such as TV monitor, Laptop, table, or other place you desire. Thank you for reading my instructables. I hope you like it.

For more project idea, visit 3D Printing Center.

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