Introduction: 3D Printed Mjolnir - Thors Hammer Prop

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Welcome to my first instructable of 2016

With Christmas come and gone been wanting to use and test out my new £D printer and with a friends birthday comming up thought this would be ideal

Needless to say I decided to make him one of his favorite props, Mjolnir - Thors hammer (dispite him not being worthy lol)

So happy new year all and here is how I made this in 1 Week ;)

Step 1: Find Your Templete...

Now I should add I used a template from the Internet to make this Thors hammer and a huge thanks is due to ALL the guys on the RPF site for not only making these disigns but also allowing others to use these free of charge

That said I did once I finished this whole project change the handle slightly and remoce the emblum from the head for my onw version

Anyway, once you have your template and are happy with the scale etc Its time to print....

Step 2: Printing

As you can see from the Pics the template I used was seperated into 2 halfs, If you printer is smaller you can again seperate these into smaller sections and piece together once done.

Luckly for mr my Da Dinci 1.0 AiO was able to do this in just 2 halfs and you will end up with the pic above ^^^^^^

Step 3: Assembley

After completing both halfs and trimming any excess I simpally glued the 2 halfs together and sanded the finish, must admit was very imporssed with the result

Worth noting at this point if you want to fill the head with something to make heavier now is the time standard modeling clay has worked in mine but remember to reinforce the handle

As you will also notice this template came with solid strap section when trimming I removed this and sanded down any sharp edges and used modelling clay to make my hand my own bottom section complete with loop hole for a fabric strap

( the mk1 version snapped due to the weight so keep this in mind)

Step 4: Painting......

Now its really starting to take shape and Ive found from other projects this area is key to take your time with....

I only really bothered to sand the handle before spraying as wanted a old/used/imperfect and worn feel and felt this would work once complete

I gave the hammer 3 good coats of primer all over first feathering in the layers and making sure to let each layer dry fully before doing the next to avoid runs!! (sorry forgot to take pics of this part)

Then I simpally found some alloy spray paint (silver obviously) and did the same process 3 layers feathering in each layer of the head (let it dry between each layer)

The handle I used some Brown matt paint and painted this on with a brush....this gives a more leather / fabric effect later

Once you have done all your layers and all is completly dry I added the highlights on the handle with a small brush to greated the effect the leather is bound around the solid hammer

Lastly I got an old piece of rag and spraded it lightly with standard gloss black and quickly and lightly rubbed this all over the hammer to create the use,d battle scared hammer in the finished quick here and less is more in my eyes

Step 5: Finished Result

Once all dry and you are happy you can see if you are worthy......

(you may notice this Is the mk2 pictured as I said the first broke and I still cannot decide if i perfer the version with the symbol or not, what I can say tho is I do much perfer the handle with the grooves sticking out and not in, which was a quick play about on the printer software )

Added note.....dont let you nephew get hold of it, turns out he is worthy and will smash anything he can find lol

Hope you all like and look forward to sharing more 3D printed insturctables

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