Introduction: 3D Printed Mk V Figure

This instructable goes over the details and steps I used in my making-of personal engineering project.


  • 3D Printer
  • Any color filament
  • Any color paint

Download the file to print at:

Step 1: Printing the Figure

The first thing you want to do in this project is print the figure. The link to download the figure in in the supplies list.

Step 2: Painting

When painting I usually like to paint from the bottom and work my way up to the top. I used a picture of the concept model of the figure I wanted to paint as reference on what areas I need to paint a certain color. For my spartan, I used white as the main color. I started out painting the areas where it needed to be painted black. Starting from under the boots, I painted my way up the the neck and I was done with that color. While painting certain spots black, I got some black paint on areas that were supposed to be white. To fix this I waited until the black paint dried, I then painted over it with white paint and it worked. The visor was tricky, as the yellow paint really shows on white so I had to carefully make sure to not get any yellow paint where it was not supposed to be. Once I had finished the visor and all the black paint had dried, I added a coat of white paint to the unpainted parts to get rid of 3D printed texture.

Step 3: Polishing + Details

To make the figure match the in-game model of the suit, I mixed a bit of black and white to create a light grey color that matched the tone of the color used in game.After painting over all the white areas, I was satisfied with my work. I inspected the figure but noticed several mistakes that could be painted over, so I carefully painted over them without making any more mistakes. To add some detail, I used a sharpie to draw a tag on the chest piece. The new paint job did not look pretty at first, there were several areas with colors darker than its surrounding but after it finished drying, it turned out okay.

Step 4: The End

When the paint dried, the figure looked much better than I thought and I was satisfied with my paint job. It took two layers of white/grey paint to get the main color just right and I had to go over several missed spots with black paint. Overall, I had fun painting and printing this little project and I plan on painting another figure I have printed.