Introduction: 3D Printed Modular Desk Organisers

Hello my Quarantine stuck friends,

In this time of global lockdown most of us are trying our hardest to work from our home offices and keep our mental and financial states in balance. But most of us weren’t prepared for this work from home scenario and our desks weren’t ready and organised for the workload. To help this case these 3D printed drawers is what might make your time at home a little more creative and give you just that item you were looking for your desk and CREATED from the comfort and safety of your own home.Moreover, it's a handy item to have to help you with your Spring cleaning and store tiny items.

3D Printable Modular Drawers is a simple and scalable open-source Desk Organiser project which you can download and print for your desk and arrange according to your needs.


  • A 3D Printer (I used my Creality Ender-3).
  • A 3D Printing Filament (Any PLA or Composite filament you like).

(Note: In the pictures you see above I used a cheap PLA filament that I had lying around but the quality of the print was very poor and the drawers weren’t as rigid as I wanted them to be but if it wasn’t a lockdown I prefer to use WOL 3D PLA Filament but you can go and try printing these with any filament of your choice for now.)

Step 1: Download the Files From GitHub.

You can download all the required files from my GitHub Repository HERE.

Step 2: Setting Up and Slicing.

I used the Ultimaker Cura slicer for my print and if you are using Cura too, you should first align the Case and Drawer in the orientation as shown in the picture above i.e. Make sure the Case stands vertically 90° and laid with back side down. For the Drawers, make sure it is laid flat as shown in the image above.

You can use my Cura Profile available in the GitHub project Repository(Link to which is given in the previous step) as I have tried and tested by tweaking a lot of properties in Cura to get a good quality print in least time.

(Note: If you are using my Cura profile for slicing please keep in check that ironing is enabled only for the highest layer while printing the both drawer and the case in one print, just keep in mind that adding full ironing to the drawer will increase the print time by a great difference.)


You can experiment with your own settings to see what gives you the best results but as a piece of advice I would suggest you to print the case with a raft.

Also these Settings are for Ender-3 PRO so if you are using some other printer you might need to tweak some properties before printing.

Step 3: Contribute.

This is supposed to be an open-source project, if you feel like you have some ideas or improvements to the design, you are more than welcome to open an issue on the github repository to discuss the changes before making a pull request 😀.


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