Introduction: 3D Printed Pence Over Flies Mechanism

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After watching the vice presidential debate and inspired by the swatter that the team created, I came up with a new idea related to Mr. Pence and the fly. I created a 3D Printed Model with a mechanism that would make the swatter moving to catch the fly on Mr. Pence's head.

Here I created a mini statue of our incumbent Vice President Mike Pence. The upper body and swatter were made by using Autodesk Fusion 360 software and the podium with Tinkercad.

I presented two versions of this project. The first version is completed with a mechanism using some electronic devices, while the second version is mainly for someone who does not have electronic stuff. Below I will demonstrate how to assemble this project.

For download, click Cults3d or Thingiverse.

Disclaimer: This project is only for individual purposes, not commercial use. The author does not responsible if you hurt or something during this project. This creation is only showing creativity, no more or less.

Here is my video:


Materials that you need:

Autodesk Fusion360


PLA Filament (Any color you want. I used white and dark wood PLA)

Acrylic Paints (Black, red, flesh tint color)

Servo motor SG90

Arduino Nano

Ultrasonic sensor

Hot Glue (or you can use super glue)

Step 1: My Design in Fusion 360 and Tinkercad

Here is my design in Fusion 360 and Tinkercad. I used two software for making this project because it is very great if I can combine two software in one project. For making Pence statue, it is way easier to use Fusion 360. I made sketch of Pence by using fit point spline. For podium, it is easier to make in Tinkercad.

Step 2: Schematic

The schematic of the project is shown in the image below.

Because I made the schematic in Tinkercad, there is only an Arduino Uno option in Tinkercad. Later in my project, I used Arduino Nano because it is more compact and smaller than Uno. All pins in Arduino Nano are the same as Arduino Uno. Therefore, it does not matter if you use Arduino Nano or Uno.

Assemble all the electronic devices, as shown in the schematic.

Step 3: Arduino Code

Copy and paste the code below to Arduino program.

To find the code, please refer to my website. Here is the link.

Step 4: Printing

Print all the STL files that I have provided. Just remember, if you want to make version 1, there are four parts in all, which are the podium, pence, lower hand, and swatter. If you are going to make version 2, print all together and use support as well.

For the printing option, I used 20% infill, 0.2 mm layer height, used raft, and no support for version 1, and used support for version 2.

Step 5: Polishing the Printing Parts

I printed all the parts in white PLA Filament, except the swatter (I used blue PLA Filament). Paint Pence's head and hand with acrylic paints. See the images. But you can do differently with me. You can paint it as you desired.

For Version 1, you need to glue them one by one and need a screw to tap the servo to the statue. Solder the electronic devices as shown in the schematic.

Step 6: Prototype and Assemble

Every time you want to do some electronic gadgets, it is better to make a prototype first. By doing so, it is to make sure your work is doing well. Here I made my prototype by using jumper wires and a breadboard. It is effortless to use the breadboard first because you do not have to solder it. After making the prototype, make sure your code is working well. See the image of my prototype (pic.1)

After your prototype is working, it is time to solder all the parts by referring to my schematic in step 1. See the image of my assembly (pic 2). Glue the ultrasonic sensor to the body. Tidy up the cables. Screw the servo motor to the arm.

Because I run out of the battery holder, I only used a USB cable and plugged in into the computer.

Step 7: Finished Project

Finally, you are done making the project after consuming so many working hours. Now enjoy your creation!

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Thank you for reading my instructables.

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