Introduction: 3D Penny Board

Ever want to print something truly awesome? Well here is your chance. Print a skateboard. The skateboard specifically is a penny board. The board its self is 100 % plastic. The trucks are from an old skateboard just for testing purposes. In total the print took 22 hours and 130 meters of filament. I mainly designed this to push the limits of 3d printing. Enjoy!

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Step 1: First Print!

The first thing you need to do is 3d print all of the pieces. Get the pieces here:

This is the easy part because you just have to sit back and watch your printer work. Each piece is printed at .2 precision and 100% infill and the pieces are 8 inches each.

Step 2: Gather All Materials

Once printed gather all of your pieces. That will include your trucks of choice, and the 3d printed pieces.

Step 3: Snap the Pieces Together and Secure Them.

To fit the pieces together I used my Dremel. This happens because why the printer prints the piece it warps just a little bit and that throws of the tight fit of the pieces. To secure them use a lot of hot glue and tightly squeeze together.

Step 4: Hot Glue on Trucks

I know bear with me just try it. The hot glue will bond the trucks to the board.

Step 5: There You Go! Your 3d Printed Pennyboard!

Now you can't ride this but it does look pretty cool. Hope you enjoyed.

Step 6: WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! I Can Do Better.

Step 7: Bolt Down Trucks

I had to scale down my print a little bit thus my truck holes are off. To fix this I pull out my trusty drill. I mark where the holes are and then I drill 4 holes per side. I specifically put 2 of the bolts through the connection.

Step 8: Finish Bolting. and Cruse!

Make sure there is a bolt between the connections. Now ride free! Check out my youtube video! What I have learned from this is that big prints are hard. They required a lot of tinkering. I also learned a lot about 3d printing! Don't forget to vote!

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