Introduction: 3D Printed Phone Stand Keychain

In this instructable, I will detail how to create a 3D printed phone stand. This cute and functional 3D printed phone stand can also be added to a keyring so that you have a phone stand on the go. Great for multitasking and travel, this phone stand is small enough to take anywhere to work on projects or help out when it is not convenient to hold a phone. I chose a cat design for my stand, and I 3D printed this phone stand using Tinkercad software, an Ender 3 printer, and PLA filament.

Step 1: All Things Tinkercad

Navigate to and create an account. There are many basic tutorials when you first create your account. Complete these tutorials to become acquainted with the software. This software is what you will design your phone stand on.

I found a phone stand that I liked on Thingiverse online, and I chose the cat option.


Download the STL file for the animal you want for your phone stand, and import it into Tinkercad.

Resize the keychain to however big or small you want the keychain to be for your phone size. The model on Tinkercad is your online prototype!

Step 2: Print Away!

1. Preheat PLA then insert filament into the small hole of the extruder and feed until filament is seen coming out of the nozzle

2. Bed leveling (aka calibrating the printer)- adjust platform height and nozzles, disable steppers

3. Download the Cura Slicing Software, launch and select “other,” select “Creality CR-10,” add printer name, and then add the printer

a. Printer settings should be at width=220, depth=220, height=250

4. Insert SD card, select “print from SD,” select the file to be printed (must be an STL file), use the STL file downloaded from Tinkercad.

Step 3: Enjoy Your New Phone Stand!

Make sure the final product fits your phone properly and can balance on the stand. Attach a keyring through the loop made by the cat's tail, and now you have a new phone stand that you can use on the go!