Introduction: 3D Printed Phone Stand - Make It Move

About: Hello! I'm a high school student and my hobby is to make functioning designs on Tinkercad. Hope you enjoy!

So I had a problem. My phone stand broke so I decided to make a new one. This was a challenge to make... Hope you enjoy it!

Step 1: The Base and Front Panel

Firstly, I had to brainstorm how the whole thing will look like. I figured out that using gears and all that mechanical stuff was quite a hassle. Eventually, I settled on this simple concept: using shafts to connect 3 plates together to form a collapsible stand. I spent some time designing the base to get it to have multiple slits for the back plate to lock in (you will see that later in action) and the front panel to connect to the base.

Step 2: The Back Panel

The back panel was simple to make. I took the front panel, made it shorter and took off the unnecessary joints.

Step 3: The Shafts

To join all of the pieces together, I used these simple shafts. I made these by taking a thin, long cylinder and attaching it to another wider cylinder on the end to stop it falling out. To secure the other end, I just printed a cap and glued it on, but don't do that right now.

Step 4: Assembling!

Almost there! Get all your parts printed, slide in the shafts and glue the caps on. Wait for the glue to dry and you're good to go. Happy 3D printing!

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