Introduction: 3D Printed Planter

This planter is perfect for decorating your office, your room, your store and anywhere that needs a touch of color and style. Simply download the stl file attached and print! You can have a perfect container for the airplants that you always wanted to have around.

Step 1: Download the File

The geometry is developed in Rhino, Grasshopper. You can download the stl file here. The file unit is in millimeters, please double check your units before printing, the height of the planter is about 5mm.

Step 2: Print!

You can upload this file to websites of 3d printing factories such as and choose your favorite color and material from their chart.

You can also print this file by Makerbot Replicator2, however please note that you should print it upside down so that the opening is placed on the platform. That way the extruder of the printer will add layers on perfectly.