Introduction: 3D-Printed Plugs

It's a bit delayed, but here is an addition to this first instructable: 3D-Printed Tapers

This is another quick and easy instructable that goes through the design of some custom plugs. The basic bare bones design that you could engrave in to, or emboss in to the 3D print itself. I designed this completely with Autodesk Inventor, and printed this out using the MakerBot Replicator 2 at TechShop San Jose.

Step 1: Design

This is simple.

Basically the process is as follows:
  1. Create a 2D sketch on the XY Plane
  2. Circle the size of the outer diameter (I used 3/4")
  3. Finish sketch
  4. Offset a new work plane by a distance of .125 and make a new 2D Sketch
  5. Project the center point from sketch 1, and create a circle for the desired interior diameter. (I used 1/2")
  6. Finish Sketch
  7. Offset the work plane another .125 and make a new 2D sketch
  8. Project the center point and make another circle of the first dimension. (3/4")
  9. Finish Sketch
  10. Create a new 3D sketch
  11. draw a line from the first center point to the last one, this will be your rail for the loft
  12. Loft the three circles, and use the centerline for it to follow along
  13. Shell out both sides to hollow it out (If you choose)
  14. And your done!

Step 2: Printing

For this instructable I used our new Replicator 2 at TSSJ, and printed it in PLA from the Makerware software.
Once you have your models laid out in Makerware, export the file as a S3G file type and then put it on an SD card. This will be the fastest way to run the printer since the alternative is through a USB cord and is much slower.

Step 3: Finishing Up

That's pretty much all there is to it, it's a simple model with a simple print. No support structures or rafts really needed. If  you choose to spend a little more time in your modeling software there are of course many options for customization. Designs in to the band, larger or smaller,closed or open etc.