3D Printed Proton Pack

Introduction: 3D Printed Proton Pack

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The Proton Pack one of the most iconic movie prop from the 80's appearing in the movie Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2.

I always want to have my own Proton Pack, so when o bought a 3D printer was the perfect excuse to build my own unlicensed nuclear accelerator.

In this Instructable i will show you my journey to build a 3D Printed Proton Pack that make a great prop for the ultimate halloween costume.

Step 1: Researcher

The first step on this project was to do a complete research on the mater.

GBfans.com is a great place to start, is a great community that have great knowledge on this movie prop.

Thingiverse as already STL files for 3D print a great Proton Pack with designs with great detail.

Both movies have great source material to get you start, you can also google search hd pictures.

My pack is not 100% movie accurate but is my take on it and is pretty close.

Step 2: Get 3D Printing

I start to print my first parts initially in PETG but i switch for PLA.

Peace by peace this project start to get in shape.

To attach together the different parts i used a combination of super glue, hot glue and epoxy.

Step 3: Primer, Filler and Paint

Getting primer in all the parts will give you a great indication if the parts have small mistakes in the 3d printing process.

The paint filler will hide small crimes but for the big ones you will need putty filler to get the surface of the parts smooth.

Take your time here sanding the parts with different sandpaper grits.

Step 4: Small Details

Some of the parts use in the movie are very hard to find so you have to improvise.

For example the ribbon cable, the are different on both movies, you can find a seller online that sell one our the other.

But in this case i opted to make my own version, i used IDE ribbon cable commum used on electronic connections, i glued on top of the cable different colour cables to make the pattern similar to the movie.

Some parts look to be in aluminium like the ribbon cable bracket, this part is easy to make in aluminium so i just did.

For the Ion arm i didn't have in stock aluminium the right size so i just 3D printed this part and wrap around with aluminium tape to get that look right, other parts i just spray painted like the shock mount.

In the case of the cyclotron lenses you can use acrylic but i 3D print my own in transparent PLA to defuse the LED lights.

Step 5: The A.L.I.C.E. BackPack Frame

The All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment used by the US army is what hold the motherboard of the proton pack.

You can find the alice frame on a army supply store near you but in my case i can't find this where a live.

You guess it right!

I have to make this part as well, i bought aluminium bar and tube.

Using the plan as a reference that i found at gbfan website i cut and bend all the parts to make the frame.

Step 6: Electronics

The fun part.

For the cyclotron and power cell light i'm using arduino atmega328.

The arduino sketch is really basic but makes the job done.

For sound i bought a TPA3116 2x50 watts with bluetooth to run the speaker with SFX sounds and music from the movie.

To power all the electronics i'm using a 20v lithium drill battery.

Step 7: Final Thoughts

This is a great project to make if you are a Ghosthead our just what a great halloween costume prop.

You can weather the prop with acrylic paints and a silver sharpie to get a realistic look.

Watch the video for more insight on the project steps and photos.

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    3 years ago

    Good project! Now, you could jsut mess and soil it a bit so it looks like something that was on the chest for years.


    3 years ago

    Looks great!! Did you have to design any of the parts, or was everything available already? Either way - some links to the files would be very helpful for anyone interested in recreating this (you could edit to add them, if inclined). Just a thought! : )

    Engineer of None
    Engineer of None

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks, some parts i had to design especially the small details.
    If you make a simple search on thingiverse they will pop up, a lote of designs there to get you start.