Introduction: 3D Printed Queenbreaker's Bow - Destiny 1:1 Scale


Hello everyone! Before I go into the instructable, let me first talk about this project for a little. In case you don’t know, this is a gun from the game Destiny, and the reason I chose this particular one to do is because I like a good challenge. Being that I managed to already make the Vex Mythoclast, I knew that this gun had to be the next step. In total, it has over 80 parts and took over 100 hours to make, including this instructable, and in terms of modeling, this was definitely the most difficult model I have ever done due to how organic and detailed this gun is (Detailed renderings will be at the end). I also made it to be printed in the different colors which makes life easy. Along with that, I designed it to have as little support material as possible and I am extremely pleased at how it turned out. I will take you from start to finish, explaining where to put support material and ending with how to assemble the gun in clear and concise manner.

Now originally, I made this instructable to be viewed on a single pdf with nice graphics, so if you would like to view that one, I have provided the file here. Now let's get started!

Step 1: Things You Will Need

-A large format 3D printer - build volume of 12’’(z axis) or higher

-Tools for removing support material

-Slicing Software

-Super glue or Epoxy

-Sandpaper if needed

Step 2: Prepping the Files

This next section will talk about the support material

required for each part that needs it. To do this, I will provide you with screenshots from a slicing software called Simplify 3d showing exactly where the support material should be placed to ensure the highest quality prints. A special thanks to Dustin Phillips for helping me out on this part.


Before you start printing, you need to decide if you want to print any pieces in a specific color. I purposely split up that parts like this for you guys to do exactly this, so take advantage of it if you can.

Step 3: First, the Parts That DON’T Need Supports

You can download all the parts here:

Here are the names of the parts that DON’T need supports:

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Ammo Body1-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Ammo Body2-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Body Face Plate1-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Body Face Plate2-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Front Block Bottom1-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Front Block Bottom2-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Front Circle SILVER1-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Front Circle SILVER2-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Front Circle YELLOW1-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Front Circle YELLOW2-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Handle1-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Handle2-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Large Cylinder1-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Large Cylinder2-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Lense Cover1-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Lense1-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Lense2-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Lense3-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Scope1-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Scope2-1

Queenbreaker’s Bow - Trigger-1

Step 4: Next, the Parts That NEED Supports

In this section, I will provide you with of detailed screenshots of where to put the support material for each part that needs it. I also included a pdf of all the pictures combined for quick access.

If you know how to do this already, skip to step 5.

Step 5: Time to Organize!

Once you are finished printing and after removing all the support material, you are going to want to organize your parts into separate groups.

Groups should include things like:



-Split Parts (two halves that make up one part)


Step 6: Assembly Time!

Start By Gluing All the Split Pieces Together

Begin by taking all the parts like these ones on the right and gluing them together. As highlighted with the blue, insert the “keys” into the corresponding areas to lock their position into place. This will ensure that they line up perfectly. Do this for all the split parts.


If you plan on painting the pieces, do it now while they are separated into the pieces that have the same colors.

Step 7: Once Glued, Start From the Font and Move to the End

If you made it this far, congrats because this is the final step! Here, I will show you how to assemble each piece step by step. Each picture represents one step, so make sure you go in order, especially when it comes to the back area.

Like all 3d printed projects, there is no guarantee that the parts will fit perfectly, so make sure to have your sandpaper handy. Hang in there, because you are almost done!

I also included a pdf of all the pictures combined for quick access.

Step 8: And You’re Finished!

Congratulations! You have successfully 3d printed and assembled the Queenbreaker's Bow! I'm sure after completing this project you have grown to understand just how much work it took to create this on my end. I hope this instructable was informative and clear to understand and I look forward to seeing your creations in the near future! Hopefully, with a good paint job, you are able to match these upcoming renderings in the final step! :)

Step 9: Thanks for Watching!

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