Introduction: 3D Printed Remote Control Car Rear Motor Assembly

This instructable will inform the viewer of the process of designing a 3d printed motor assembly for a remote control car.

Step 1:

First you will need to figure out how the gears will fit together. Measure the distance apart that your gears are once they are pushed together. It is very difficult to find their distances perfectly the first time that you do this so a test print is recommended.

Step 2:

Measure the dimensions for the motor that you are using, it is very important to get this just right because it will be holding in a high stress part.

Step 3: Start the Design of the Entire Assembly.

once you have all of the dimensions and an abstract idea of all of how everything will fit together you should draw the general shape. As you can see I used a cylinder any type of cube shape or really anything can work. Just depends on your application. My intentions for my motor assembly is simply a visualization of all of the gears and how they work together.

Step 4: Tips for Your Design

1. Since many deigns are enclosed, be very very aware that gears are circles and not contact points to other gears (duh). I ran into a couple of issues of gears being too big and hitting the top of the enclosure, this is mainly a consequence of hasty design, but I found myself only paying attention to where the gears meshed with each other and just assumed that i made the enclose just big enough. My cylinder was just a couple mm too small, but since mine is a demonstration i figured it would be a good idea to cut out parts of the enclosure so you could see the gears move.

2. A piece of mine had to be sawed off and re glued because i wasn't thinking abut how the assembly was going to work (again another error of hasty design)

3. If you are using solid-works be sure to use circles and lines to represent the gears and the axle. This should help put all of the fitment into perspective and prevent some of the previous issues.

4. Take your time.

Step 5: Assembly

The following for my design is for my design:

1. On the "top part", cut off the top of the hole that the axle goes through.

2. Keep in mind that depending on your printer you may have to bore some of the holes a little bit bigger.

3. Put in the other gear that fits into the little half hole.

4. Insert the motor into its mounts so that the rear end of the teeth is completely flush with the wall.

5. Glue the top and the bottom part together.

6. Line up and you can either glue or snap the ends on