Introduction: 3D Printed Rover Will Be IoT.

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3D printed Mecanum Rover will be IoT.

It is Mechanum Wheel Rover which can be created with 3D printer.

The Mechanum Wheel can move freely to left and right, up and down, diagonal.

We will control Mechanum Rover with WIFI connection.

ESP8266EX is used for control.

Rover link websocket.
rover(ESP8266 running web server port:80 and websocket server port:81)

--your wifi rooter

--http cliant(tested android chrome)



# Sorry for my poor English. I'm using the Google machine translation.

Step 1: Hardware Preparation

(1) The rover to 3D printing.

(2) To connect the ESP8266, motor driver and Rover.

  • DC motor driver use TOSHIBA TA7291P.
  • Please see Step3(1) include("esp_WebSocketServer.ino") for GPIO-PIN used in ESP8266.

Step 2: Software Preparation

(1) Install the environment for ESP8266 on ArduinoIDE.

  • caution: esp8266-arduino Ver 2.0.0 over on ArduinoIDE.

(2) add library.

(3) add IDE extention(Arduino ESP8266 filesystem uploader).

Step 3: Install the Rover Control Software.

(1) Download rover controll sketch.

(2) Install rover controll sketch.

  • WIFI of SSID, PASSWORD is set in the JSON format file(config.txt) on the ESP8266 file system.

Step 4: Run

(1) Connect to the ESP8266 web server(port:80) with a browser.

  • e.g.
    index.html will be downloaded from the HTTP server.
    http server port at 80. websocket server port at 81.

(2) You can move four tires separately.

  • Client is essential that the touch event pick up. e.g. iPhone, Android phone and tablet.

Step 5: Software Update With OTA

(1) This sketch contains the OTA function.

  • OTA for the code to sketch in order to update the firmware in the OTA via WIFI you have is described.

end of line.

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