Introduction: 3D Printed Rubix Cube for the Blind or Color Blind

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Hi! I am an 11-year-old student from the Jackson Walnut Park School in Newton, Ma. Around a year ago, I became obsessed with Rubix cubes. I then thought of 3d designing one. I think it is really cool and here I can show you some helpful resources!

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1. Computer

2. Internet

3. Tinkercad Account

4. Wanting to do it!

Step 1: The Plans

It took me around 2 weeks to get the plans right and also learn how the Rubix cube works (Unfortunately I can't find my sketches for the design because I think I trashed it). Here is a link to the 3D animation I watched I also looked at the original patent of the Rubix cube.

Step 2: The Designing of the Mechanism

I started out in Tinkercad (I should have used a more advanced software). I modeled the mechanism as seen in Jared Owen's 3D Animation. I started with the centerpieces then I added the edge pieces and the corners. After that, I did a little paint job and colored the whole thing black like in a real Rubix cube. This took me another 2 weeks

Step 3: Stumped

After designing the Mechanism, I added tiles to the Rubix Cube. It was a very repetitive and boring process. (This took a week) I also thought that just a Rubix cube would be boring. At that time, I thought of making it easy to solve for the colorblind and blind so I decided to add little bumps. a different number for each color. That way, once it was 3d printed, it could be a Rubix cube and also a dice while letting people who can't see very well solve the Rubix cube. When I added the tiles though I got really bored and when I thought of adding spheres to all the tiles, it sounded a bit intimidating after I did some of the numbers and I just thought: "I'll finish this in my free time". And there it sat, for a few months.

Step 4: Finishing It!

Then 4 days ago I saw the "finish it already!" challenge and out of the back of my head I thought of the Rubix cube project that I stopped working on. I then pulled up the project and spent 3 days finishing the little nibs on the Rubix cube. and also colored it and now I think it looks fantastic! I now also have a friend who is colorblind and once I get a 3D printer, the first thing I'll do is print one out for him. I might also work on a 2 by 2!



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