Introduction: 3D Printed Scrap Makerspace (or Anything) Sign

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This is inspired by the Digital Harbor foundation sign that I saw when I went there in Baltimore during raspberry pi picademy. Their sign was surrounded by 3-D printed figures and said "digifab" and also had LEDs running around it. This is my take on that sign. I plan to put this in our maker space in our middle school.

Step 1: Assemble Materials

I Assembled 3-D printing scrap over the year. In the classes I taught, I ended up making a bin where I would always put 3-D prints that did not work out well. Other things you will need is a hot glue gun, a big board, letters for your sign, scissors. I printed out the words make, but you could do something else, if you have a laser cutter you can laser cut the words you want.

Step 2: Hot Glue Prints to Board

This part is completely random and there's really no bad way to do it. Just hot glue the backs of some your 3-D printed pieces, and press them onto the board. Hopefully over the years you will be able to cover the entire board so that you can't even see the board anymore.

Step 3: Use in the Classroom

If you are a teacher creating this sign, use it in the classroom so that you can celebrate failure during the 3-D printing process. We all know that there's plenty of failure when 3-D printing. This is a fun way for students to celebrate their failure and to learn from their mistakes. This is an important part of helping student adopt a Groeth Mindset. So what I plan to do with this is to have students glue their prints that don't work out to the sign.

Step 4: Future Ideas

The sign at Digital Harbor foundation in Baltimore also had an Arduino on it as well as a raspberry pi. The Arduino was used to control the LEDs, and the raspberry pi would display on a monitor how much has been 3-D printed at the foundation. What I plan to do is to add a photo booth aspect of this using raspberry pi. This will let student celebrate their failure by taking a celebratory selfie. What will you add?

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