3D Printed Simple Bracelet

Introduction: 3D Printed Simple Bracelet


This is a simple design but yet looks amazing, I have designed in SolidWorks, could be done in the same way in any major CAD software.


1) 3D CAD software like SolidWorks

2) 3D printer, I used UV resin printer

Step 1: Estimates Before 3D Modeling in CAD

I am using Solidworks, before starting just take some estimates of the size of bracelet you want, or if you want to make it bigger to fit like necklace, for that take the size of your hand for bracelet or head for necklace. Besides that check your printer for limitation of printing size, that is why I made a bracelet and it required a slight scale down to fit the print bed, in the 3D printing software.

I assumed the bracelet with a diameter of 3 inch is enough to fit my hand and a 0.75 inch diameter beads will look good.

Step 2: 3D Modeling in CAD

*please refer attached video* The process will be pretty much similar in any major CAD software

As mentioned previously, I started with a sketch on top plane and made a 0.75 inch diameter circle at the origin (where all 3 axis and all 3 planes meet), made offset of it at 0.09375 or 3/16 inch, you can have 0.1 inch as a round figure. The drew a straight line which passes through the center of circle, touching both ends on the outer circle (0.75 inch diameter) and used trim tool to trim away the unwanted. Used Rotate command to make a hollow spherical solid. Then I sketched a circle on one of the plane with 0.375 inch diameter at the center of sphere and cut through the sphere, similarly with other two planes. I applied fillet (radius 0.03125 inch)to remove sharp edges. your one bead is ready.

Now I need a plane which is 45 degree sloped to all three planes, so starting with any one plane, sketch a line from the center which is 45 degree to other two planes, exit sketch and make a plane perpendicular to that line at the center of sphere (or origin). On this plane make another such sketch of line at 45 degree and using it make another plane perpendicular to the line and at the center of sphere (or origin). This plane is 45 degree sloped to all three planes and we will make our sketch to have axis for pattern. Sketch on this plane a horizontal line starting from the center of the sphere (or origin) as shown in video and passing or cutting through the middle of an ellipse as seen from the view. As assumed that 3 inch diameter bracelet is enough, I took half of the value = 1.5 inch for the line and made another random distance line perpendicular to first line. Exit from sketch and using the random perpendicular line to make axis (reference geometry).

Make a pattern using the solid as body and the axis for rotation, I felt that 20 beads fits just right for the diameter 3 inch. Check you model and export it to STL format for 3D printing.

Step 3: 3D Print

I used UV resin printer, lay it flat on the bed, scale if necessary to fit print bed, space it from the bed and apply supports to bed only. Print and enjoy.

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