Introduction: 3D Printed Skateboard Wall Mount: Cheap & Easy

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I have a few skateboards that I wanted to mount onto the wall of my garage. So, I decided to design a wall mount in Tinker Cad and 3d print it. This is a simple application of the power of the free program Tinker Cad. The way I built the part could have been a lot simpler if I had planned the part out beforehand, instead of designing while building it. Nevertheless, I have a very nice and functioning 3d printed skateboard holder.

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So the supplies for this project are fairly simple.

If you are designing or modifying the design you will need a computer with an internet connection to connect to

Also, you will need access to a 3d printer. If you do not own one, I recommend checking your local library or maker space and see if they have one you can use.

I used two Phillips head screws to mount it to my wall, but any screws should work. (Also a screwdriver or drill)

Step 1: Making the Base and the Ring

I first made a rectangle 4" x 2" x .5" as the base for the mount.

Next, I took the tube tool and made a ring with an inside dimension a bit bigger than the size of my skateboard truck. Then, I took a square hole and placed it over one half of the ring. I selected both parts and grouped them together with the ctrl+g command.

I then rotated the half ring and moved it so it was over the base part. There is a small portion that is inside the base.

Step 2: Adding Supports to the Ring and Base

I created a two boxes and moved them over so they would be in line with the half rings. Then, I made them the same width as the rings and moved them until they had enough room to be supportive of the ring, but not be off the base.

Next, I created two more boxes the with of the ring and moved them so that they supported the ring on the front.

I then selected everything and grouped them together with the ctrl+g command.

Step 3: Adding the Screw Holes

I made two screw holes by making two cylinders that are holes. I positioned the through holes onto the base equally spaced from the center. Then, I selected everything and grouped them together with the ctrl+g command.

Step 4: 3D Print!!!

Next I 3d printed the part. I sliced the part with Cura 3.1. The important settings are: 4 premiers, 0.2mm layer hight, and 40% infill. These are relatively high settings, but necessary to make a strong part that can hold a skateboard. I printed with silver HATCHBOX PLA on my Ender 3 3d printer. I used supports for the screw holes, but looking back I think that it could have been printed with no supports.

The STL file is attached below.

Step 5: Mount It

This should be fairly self explanatory, but I used two screws to mount this on the wall of the garage.

Step 6: You're DONE!!!!

I made an awesome 3d printed skateboard mount! Let me know if you have any questions.

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