Introduction: 3D Printed Spider

Here’s an Instructable for making a creepy crawly spider decoration!!! This beauty is perfect for scaring the little ones with its life-like appearance and moving appendages. It is lightweight so that it can be placed high above unsuspecting trick-or-treaters to give them a jump when they look up. With easy-to-follow instructions and supplied files, it is a great beginner project for anyone looking to cook up some scares!


For this project you will need:

  1. 3D printer
  2. Filament
  3. Paint primer
  4. Dark paint (We used acrylic, but other types certainly do work)
  5. Super Glue
  6. Fake spider webs

Step 1: 3D Printing

1. Download supplied files

2. Slice files in slicer using 15% or less infill percentage depending on your printer's capabilities are

3. Print parts in quantities specified below at a shared scale:

1 x Body

2 x Pedipalp

8 x Leg part 1

8 x Leg part 2

8 x Leg part 3

8 x Leg part 4

8 x Leg part 5

4. Carefully remove parts from print bed

Step 2: Painting

Option 1

1. Evenly apply paint primer to model

2. Apply two to three layers of dark brown or black paint

Option 2

1. Paint with dark brown or black nail polish

Step 3: Assembling

Assemble each leg according to the numbered STL files provided and figure above. Next, glue the legs and pedipalps to the body.

Step 4: Decorate!

This is the most fun part!

The easiest way to decorate with this spider is to utilize fake spider webs.

1. Take the web out of its packaging and pull to thin the strands. Next, shape the web you want your spider to live in.

2. Anchor/or drape the web off walls.

3. Secure your spider to the web. The joints of the spider work well at catching and hooking to the strands of the spider web.

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